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Enforcement: The last line of defense to preventing fires.

Annual Inspections

Chapter 541 of the Connecticut General Statutes, Section 29-305 states,

"Each local Fire Marshal Shall Inspect or cause to be inspected, at least once each calendar year and as often as may be necessary in the interest of public safety, all buildings and facilities of public service and all occupancies regulated by the fire safety code within his jurisdiction, except residential buildings designed to be occupied by one or two families which shall be inspected, upon complaint..."

The office of the Fire Marshal coordinates inspections and maintains records for each occupancy in Fairfield. Upon inspection, deputy fire marshal's assist owners in understanding the requirements of the code. Follow up inspections are scheduled when problems arise during the annual inspection.

When code problems are discovered during a inspection, the owner will be advised of the problem and given a specific time to correct the issue. This time varies depending on the type of violation and the hazard to the public. Failure to correct code violations can result in prosecution in addition to the risk of causing harm to workers and the public in the event of a fire due to the hazard.