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Emergency Preparedness 

A Message from Fairfield's Office of Emergency Management

    Our community, as well as all communities around the country, have been forced to deal with the possibility of terrorism, which can be delivered in a chemical, biological, radiological or conventional form. We do not know if, how or when an act of terrorism will occur, but we must always be prepared. 

Under the Emergency Management System of Fairfield, Town Officials have been in daily contact to coordinate and plan for any incident that could occur. Our Emergency Management System, developed to effectively deal with disasters such as hurricanes, flooding and other large-scale incidents, can be tailored to serve the needs of the public in the event of a terrorist incident.  

    The information on this page provides you with general instructions, telephone numbers, home preparations and a guideline for basic supplies to store in case of a large-scale emergency in our community. Additional information is also available on the web sites listed.  

Town Officials and Emergency Services are working 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to keep the Town of Fairfield as safe as possible.

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In the event of an emergency, emergency instructions will be broadcast through the following media:

Radio Stations

WEBE 107.9 FM

TV Stations

Cablevision Channel12
Channel 8 WTNH

Web sites

Town of Fairfield Facebook Page
Town of Fairfield Website

Helpful Telephone Numbers

Fairfield Emergency Info Update 203-254-4899
Fire Department 203-254-4700
Police Department 203-254-4800
Town Hall (weekdays) 203-256-3000
Power Outages (800)722-5584
Red Cross 203-576-1010
School Emergencies 203-255-TALK

Disaster Supplies Kit

In the event of a town or regional disaster, initially the safest place for you may be in your home. We recommend that all homes have the following items assembled as a kit with enough supplies to last for at least 72 hours. It is advisable to store these items in a backpack or duffle bag so they are readily available in case of an evacuation.

For your home:
One gallon of water per person, per day.
3 day supply of non-perishable, high protein, high calorie food. (energy bars, canned tuna, canned fruit, peanut butter).
Manual can opener.
Battery operated radio w/extra batteries.
Flashlight with extra batteries (preferably same size batteries as radio).
First aid kit with reference guide.
Prescription medicine.(3 day supply)
Map of local area and list of alternative personal shelters.
Cash and credit cards.
Practical clothing and shoes, gloves, extra blankets.
Car keys.
Duct tape and plastic sheeting.

For your car:
Booster cables.
Fire extinguisher (2 -5 lb. A-B-C).
First aid kit with reference guide.
Water and food (as above).