On duty twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, making Fairfield a safer place to live, work, and travel.

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Shown above starting left:

Present (1996 Duplex, Simon, LTI 100'), Retired (1985, Seagrave 100') and New (2007 Ferrara 107')

Below is just a sample of some of the apparatus used to  protect the residents, workers and guests of Fairfield, Connecticut.

For a larger picture, click on the vehicle. Photos courtesy of MassFireTrucks.com and Fairfield Fire Department

Engine 1

1999 Pierce Dash 1500/500/75F

Engine 2

1999 Pierce Dash 1500/500/75F

Engine 3

2006 Ferrara Inferno 1500/500/75F

Engine 4

1995 Duplex/Saulsbury 1500/500

Engine 5

2004 Pierce Dash 1500/500/75F

Engine 6

1995 Duplex/Saulsbury 1500/500 (reserve)

Engine 7

1991 Seagrave 1500/500 (reserve)

Engine 8

1985 Seagrave 1500/500 (reserve)

Ladder 1

1996 Duplex/Saulsbury/LTI 100 RMA

Rescue 1

2000 Pierce Sabre Walk-In Heavy Rescue (Reserve)