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Equipment and Tools

Class B Foam Application Calculator (online)

U.S. Foam Technologies Foam Calculator for determining application rate for tank farm fires or based on Square footage. http://www.usfoam.com/foam_calculator.php

Note: a common formula for foam application is:

Area (Top of Tank or sq.ft. of spill) X Critical Application Rate (CAR - NFPA  min is .16) X Eduction Rate (.01, .03, .06) X Duration (in minutes)

                                    = Gallons of Foam Concentrate Needed.

(Formula Source: Fire Engineering. 2001. CLASS B FOAM: THE NEGLECTED TOOL.[electronic version].)

Suits and PPE

DuPont Suit Permeation Data - http://www2.dupont.com/NOWApp/DPPRequestGateway/0/ch/?command=ACChemicalResistanceHome

ONESuit technical Data - Saint Gobain - http://www.protectivesystems.saint-gobain.com/


MiniRae 2000 PID Correction factors - http://www.raesystems.com/~raedocs/App_Tech_Notes/Tech_Notes/TN-106_Correction_Factors.pdf

Smiths Detection - HAZMAT ID chemical identifier support- http://www.smithsdetection.com/eng/HazMatID.php

Jerome 431X - Arizona Instruments - http://www.azic.com/pdf/manual_700-0046.pdf

Ohio Lumex - http://www.ohiolumex.com/product/ra915_light.shtml


Red Dragon Propane Flare Kit - www.flameengineering.com

NIMS Forms

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